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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Sound of Silence

Today, I turned on my dryer, which in itself is a miracle. After reassembling the dryer Saturday, which took at 45 minutes, Brandon plugged in the cord, and we turned it on. Nothing. The light on the dryer worked, but the drum didn't turn. Thankfully only one of the leads in the door had become unplugged, which made our teflon slide situation a snap.

After turning on the dryer, I listened, and heard nothing; well, nothing out of the ordinary. No squeaking. No groaning. No sound of small mice being slowly murdered.

And then I went into the bathroom. Again, nothing. No drips, no splashes, no sound of very gently runnnig water. My favorite part of this silence, however, is the price: $6. After all of the fuss, it's six dollars I'm more than willing to pay.


Laura said...

That's wonderful that you guys got the dryer fixed! I'm very impressed! (And the sink fixed too.) Now you can do your laundry in (relative) peace. Alas, Kathleen can't be quieted quite that easily.

Latter-Day Guy said...

Best line: ...No sounds of mice being slowly murdered... ;-)