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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Differing Parenting Styles

When two people marry, the thought of differences is inconceivable; that, after all, is why two people marry - they are absolutely perfect for each other. And perfection implies agreement in everything. Until they marry, then live somewhere, have to pick out furniture, and set up housekeeping. And that's just the beginning; wait until children come along.

Thursday afternoon, in a fit of housecleaning that only seems to occur when a child is about to be born, Brandon, Kathleen and I were in the backyard. I was cleaning the jog stroller, and he was scrubbing out the trashcan, which had grown a fine layer of black mold in the bottom during the winter. My excuse was that it was too cold to clean anything outside, so the mold got to stay.

Kathleen, being a small child, has a fascination with water, and if the water has bubbles in it, so much the better. If a sponge also comes with the deal, life is perfect. She started out somewhat innocuously (compared to later), by scooping out the bubbles to place upon her head. Then came the splashing. But the piece de resistance, grounds for disagreement between Brandon and myself, was when she started drinking the soapy, moldy, trashcan water out of the sponge.

He was revolted. I ran and got the video camera.


Latter-Day Guy said...

Cute post. You could have her just aspirate Lamacil to keep black(mold)lung from developing! Anyhow, enjoy this, the antepenultimate day before Sophia escapes; and very good luck to you on Wednesday. We'll all be praying... (some of us maybe to Mary) but whatever. :)

dixonfamily said...

We will definitely be praying for you guys and anxious to hear of little Sophia's arrival! Good luck! We love you!

Josh & Amanda said...

I gotta tell ya...I'm with Brandon on that one! Good luck with Sophia. We hope all goes well for everyone!