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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chocolate is Thicker Than Blood, Aparently

I love a great many things.  I love my children.  I love my parents.  I love my siblings.  I love my husband.  And I also love chocolate.

Recently, a good friend returned from Switzerland with some very delicious chocolate for me, the kind of chocolate that can only be obtained outside the United States, the kind of chocolate that comes in its own red cardboard packaging.  I have saved and savored this chocolate, eating it slowly piece by piece on days where nothing else but chocolate will heal me.  

A few days ago, I emerged from my room post-nap, to discover my husband at the computer, cheerfully chewing on large hunks of chocolate.  From a red cardboard-covered package.  Dismay.  Shock.  Horror.  Betrayal.  He knows that's my favorite chocolate!  How could he?  A note of hysteria entered into my voice 'You're eating my chocolate!!!,' I wailed.

My dear sweet husband laughed, and forgave me the complete and utter lack of charity.  'No, this is my chocolate,' he smiled, and showed me the package.  Mine was safe.  And the guilt over not wanting to share?  It went away, mostly.

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Janyece said...

Mmm! The hypnotic power of chocolate! Funny story! I hope the rest of your guild goes away soon! It is chocolate we're talking about here!