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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Lies We Tell

As a child, I suspect that my parents entertained themselves greatly by telling me all kinds of whoppers.  Great disappointment came one day when I looked in the mirror and discovered that my eyes did not change color when I blinked as my parents had always lauded me for.

Today, Kathleen, Sophia, and I went down to the nurse's office at FSI to get 'poked,' as Kathleen terms it.  Sophia took things fairly well, finding solace in her thumb and blanket.  Kathleen, who had been talking all week about the Swedish Fish she would get as a reward for bravery, did not as evidenced by her screams and attempts to kick the nurse.

This evening, as I was putting Kathleen down to bed, a health exam nurse (for life insurance - yes we really are becoming adults) came to our house.  Not being up to her usual bedtime antics, I told Kathleen that if the nurse heard her, Kathleen would get poked again.  I haven't heard even a rustle.


Laura said...

Hahahaha! As part of my developmentally appropriate care, I threaten to poke children fairly frequently.

"If you don't drink this juice, I will have to put in a new IV. . ."

"If you don't take this medicine, it will go in your IV. . ." (Which is not a poke, but somehow still terrifying to 50% of five year olds.)

Also, I enjoy sticking needles in children. What does that say about me?

Sarah Flib said...

If I were Kathleen, I would've been good for the Swedish fish.

daisy deb said...

you are terrible! :>)

daisy deb said...

OH WAHOO!!! Just saw the post that you are expecting again! Congrates! That is so exciting!

UnkaDave said...

Hey! Whaddya mean?!! Your eyed DID change color when you blinked, until you got to that age! We would never lie to any of our children!
P.S. Can't wait to see you guys.

Jen said...

you are awesome.

Lindsay Edward said...

haha That is classic. My mom always told me never to threaten things you won't follow through on. The nice thing about making a stranger the bad guy is that your kids don't know if there will be real follow through, and aren't willing to test the theory. I'm glad Kathleen opted against a second poking.