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Friday, January 7, 2011

Beat your swords into... spitballs

A few days ago, I was getting some things done.  Kathleen swished into the room trailing Sophia.  She carried with her a pink, sparkly princess notebook Sophia had given Kathleen for Christmas.

"Mom," she began, "would you cut our swords out for us?"

I looked at my bejeweled princess daughter.  "Swords?"

"I drew some swords for Sophia and me.  We're going to use them to go cut up the bad guys.  Would you cut them out for me?"

I looked at the pink page she held out to me.  Seven or eight swords of various lengths and sizes were drawn on the page.  I got some scissors and cut them out.  When I handed Sophia her sword, she burst into tears.

"It's not as big as Kathleen's," she sobbed when I asked why she was so upset, "I want a big sword to kill the bad guys with!"

Kathleen obliged her with a bigger sword, I cut it out, and they ran off to kill the bad soldiers.

No more Old Testament stories for them.


UnkaDave said...

Wow! Here's hoping all the bad guys are also two-dimensional and less durable than the paper swords.

Laura said...

I love it how Sophia found her short sword sob-worthy. Apparently they are warrior princesses.

Ashlie said...

Bahah! Love the things they come up with. Such clever girls!

PaulaJean said...

I would hold off on the Greek Myths for awhile, too.

SassAndSweet said...

I like that it was a nice -pink- sword. Pink is awesome, especially for getting the bad guys.