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Friday, July 15, 2011

Last Gasp of Domesticity

In thirty-six hours, men will be arriving at my house.  When they get here, they will spend the rest of the day packing up everything I own except what I have placed in to my -- (number to be determined) suitcases and hidden in the bathroom.  And then I won't see those things for at least six weeks, most of it for six months.

When I really realized this, I also realized that I had a limited amount of time to finish off all of the odds and ends of things that I've been procrastinating... like making Edwin's stocking.  Unfortunately for Edwin and his new sibling, they're going to have to wait another Christmas for their stockings.

However, this past week I was able to finish a few things.  On Tuesday I made a church dress for Kathleen, completing everything in one day except for cutting out half of the fabric (which I had done earlier).  On Wednesday I made seventeen pints of mango jam, and then shocked Brandon by providing a warm, halfway decent dinner on the same day.  And today I pulled from the freezer puff pastry I made last summer to make a mango jaloussie for dessert.

Tomorrow is the last great push, when the laundry (oh the laundry) gets washed, suitcases packed, UAB separated, and all of those pesky tupperware containers harboring who-knows-what get rooted out of their hiding places in the refrigerator.

And after that, I'm hanging up my domestic goddess crown for a few months.  Or rather, packing it in a suitcase.


Nisa said...

Whew! What did you do with all that mango jam? Will it ship??? Mmm!

PaulaJean said...

We have one last half-pint of your delicious mango jam. It is not shared with the grandchildren. Or anyone else, for that matter!

Becky said...

Wow! Good luck!

Latter-day Guy said...

Hoping and praying that all goes well. Miss you guys!