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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Will it fit?

When I was pregnant with Edwin who was my first boy, I constantly heard the refrain, "oh boys are so different..."  I always asked why, and nobody could get very definite.

For those of you who are expecting boys, here's a boy thing (or maybe just and Edwin thing): putting thin items into small spaces.

In Cairo, I noticed my credit cards slowly disappearing.  I looked everywhere for them, and not a one turned up.  Then one day I pulled the mattress off my bed.  The credit cards were all stuffed in between the mattress and the frame.  Later on they took up residence under the edge of the carpet.

One day I caught Edwin stuffing a pen under the belt on the treadmill.  I got the pen out, but the cap is still in there somewhere and the treadmill has never quite sounded the same.

A few weeks ago, the girls caught Edwin cramming kopecks into the transformer.  Brandon shook them out.  And then he shook out about twenty puzzle pieces.

While I was sitting on the couch, I noticed a few keys slightly depressed on our new digital piano.  I went over to investigate, and found another kopeck wedged into the crack in the front of the keys.  A few days later, Brandon found two more in the same place.

While I've been typing this, Edwin found out that business cards slide nicely into the DVD drive.


I just remembered an incident from my childhood.  Way, way back in the day before iPods and even DVDs, our wood-paneled Chrystler minivan had a tape player.  After awhile the player stopped working, so my mother took it to a repair shop to have it worked on.

She came back a few hours later, and the tape player worked again.  She asked the technician if they had had to replace the part.  No, he replied, it was a simple fix.  And then he showed her a handful of coins.  'We just had to take these out and it worked just fine.'

So maybe he comes by it honestly.


Jen said...

With Tage, I am pulling his toy cars out of things. Like our speakers. The other day he shoved them under the pocket door to our laundry room. I had to find a way to get 10 cars out of the wall with out taking the pocket door out. in the rings of my 3 ring binders, under the couch or under the stove are other favorites but less of a hassel. If they were smaller, I'm sure I would find them up his nose.

UnkaDave said...

Oh! So YOU'RE the one that put the coins in the tape player. You owe us $45.00, and we'll give you a break and not count inflation.
So that's only ONE of the many cool ways that guys are different. Have fun discovering the others over the next 20 years!

MamaM said...

Cute story :)