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Friday, July 20, 2012

Saturday Beach Trip

Brandon and I are not very adventurous ex-pats.  With four children under six, we're not very mobile and there is always someone who needs a nap so we don't have very exciting adventures.  We have some friends who also have small children, but they're much more adventurous and so we're going to try and follow their example and get out a little more.  So this Saturday we started by going to the beach.

What?  You didn't know that Baku was a good place for going to the beach?  Despite the fact that Baku is on the Caspian Sea, and the pool we go to is actually right on the shore, I hadn't really thought that we'd see any other beach than the Atlantic in a few weeks.  But our friends assured us that yes, the beaches here aren't half bad.  And they have the added bonus of being really, really close - 30 or 40 minutes from our house.

Several friends with children also showed up, so we had a beach party together.  One of the friends is the Med officer at post, who told us when we got there, "in my capacity as the Med officer, I do not condone swimming in the Caspian.  But my boys are planning on swimming in about five minutes."

We ended up having a fabulous day.  The weather was perfect - breezy enough to be pleasant in the shade, and warm enough that the water was nice.  The children loved wallowing in the waves and going 'floating' with Brandon in the deeper water.  After being in Cairo where all of the women swim fully clothed and in hijab, I was happy to be frolicking with other swimsuit-clad women.  And despite being the only non-locals on the the beach, not one person asked to take our picture.  Expect more beach entries after we return from our R&R.


UnkaDave said...

Very cool! And, I will admit they never had a camel at Topsail Island. That I remember.

PaulaJean said...

It's nice to see that other people in the world are warm.

Darius Cartmell said...

Four kids under the age of six are quite a handful. But hey, I am sure you can find a way to bring them to the beach from time to time. Now is the perfect time to start. Why not invite a few of your friends for a group trip? This way, you can help each other in keeping an eye on the children.

Darius Cartmell

Donna said...

I agree with Darius! As they say, “the more, the merrier!” And tagging some friends along can help you take care of your kids. Yes, they can be a handful, but seeing how happy they are while playing on the beach is PRICELESS! :-) [Donna Parsley]