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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Recent Outings

Occasionally, we leave the house.  Sometimes I even take pictures to prove it.

On Labor Day, we took the children to Koala Park.  I didn't know much about it other than it had rides for children.  As soon as we stepped in, I felt danger of being assaulted by fiberglass nightmares.  The children didn't notice, however, and had one of the best ninety minutes of their life riding every single tacky ride there. Well, the girls had fun.  Edwin was mostly terrified.  I think he was the only one with sense.

Yesterday we took the children to the zoo.  All of the vanity projects haven't made it to the zoo yet, and it is possibly in a worse state than the Cairo Zoo.  The children, however, seem to be immune to their surroundings and enjoyed looking at all of the animals - really really close!  The day was brought to absolute perfection when they found out that the shetland ponies weren't just for exhibition.  I will miss the days when four manat buys complete and utter happiness.


Nisa said...

There is a zoo in Cairo? Who knew! The zoo in Nassau wasn't in great shape either, but our zoo here isn't too bad and the boys sure love it.

UnkaDave said...

Worse shape than the Cairo zoo? Is it possible and still be called a zoo? At least your kids were not the major attraction this time. Their smiles are priceless!

Latter-day Guy said...

That Spongebob sculpture is a Lovecraftian horror.