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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We just turned on the heat last week.  Our house has a heating/cooling system that Brandon and I like to call The Coolerator.  It's a forced-air radiator that runs hot water in the winter and compressor-chilled water in the summer.  As the system has only hot OR cold water, you have to make the decision to switch it.

The air conditioner... broke... or had its pump taken out... or something, so we've been without air conditioning since mid-September, and the weather finally cooled down enough to need heat.

And when I say 'cooled down' I mean "dipped into the fifties at night and mid-sixties during the day."

When we went on our trip to Guba last week, I had to rummage around for actual shoes that weren't flip-flops because nobody has worn shoes around here since April.  Unfortunately for Edwin his winter shoes hadn't made it here yet, so he got to wear Sophia's old, pink shoes.

The weather forecast for the next five days:

The weather here started out pretty rough, but right now I'm enjoying the flip-side.  This is the type of fall I can enjoy.


PaulaJean said...

Edwin didn't object to the pink shoes? The joys of having older sisters.

UnkaDave said...

Heating? Air conditioning? What are those? The good, or bad of Bogotá is that they don't have any. Glad to hear it's a nice fall. The only fall around here is when you don't watch where you're going on the bad sidewalks.