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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our Turn

We have been reading and hearing about snow falling in practically everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere (even Egypt).  I have felt smug and the children disappointed.  Just about every afternoon for the last two weeks Kathleen has been asking if it just might possibly snow here in Baku.  I haven't encouraged her hope very much because I'm a mean mom and don't like snow.

But on Thursday her optimism won out and we woke up to snow.  Unfortunately it started snowing around three AM and wasn't deep enough by eight to get Brandon out of work.  But since I'm the teacher, principal, director, and superintendent of our school, I called school for the children.  It doesn't snow here very much and nobody would have gotten much work done anyway and I had a lot of things to get done for our move, so it seemed like a good idea.

We don't own any snow clothes (yet), so we had to improvise.  Edwin ended up in Sophia's tights, his pants, Kathleen's jeans, my socks, and Kathleen's black knee-high boots.  Sophia was in a mix of her and Kathleen's clothes with my socks, and Kathleen wore all of her clothes, supplemented by hand-me-down snow boots (the only pair in the house) from the neighbor.  Everyone was soaked by the end of forty-five minutes.  Sophia came home and declared that she was done with snow for the year, took a warm shower, changed, and went to the neighbor's to play for the rest of the morning.  Definitely have to get snow clothes for the next post.

I didn't set foot outside all day except to get some rosemary for dinner and neither did Joseph.  If you're not old enough to get yourself dressed in cold weather gear, you're not old enough to go outside alone.

The weather is flirting with snowing again tonight and I wouldn't mind Brandon having work cancelled  tomorrow but I'm not holding out hope.  But just to be on the safe side we stocked up on groceries yesterday.  You never know, right?

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