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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mom's Spa Week

I've never been to a spa before.  All of the magazine spreads and advertisements I've ever seen make them look really nice and alluring, but so far I haven't had the time or the money (or at least I haven't chosen to spend my time and money) to go and spend on a day (or two) treating myself to facials and mud baths and all of those things that are supposed to make me feel like a pampered woman.  The closest I've gotten so far is spending a few nights in a hospital.  I realized that I was going to the wrong hospitals when a friend recently told of her recent stay where she got a massage and surf and turf after delivery.  But, I'll still take room service meals and lots of time to read trashy novels.

Because really, when you have four children that you spend twenty-four hours a day with (at least in the same dwelling), any time to yourself counts as luxury time.  And this past week I got to have five (yes! five!) outings that didn't involve putting on four pairs of shoes, four coats, herding children into an elevator, buckling carseats, or anything like that.  It was like my own mini spa week.

The week started off with a dentist appointment.  I have a history of good oral health (thanks, Mom!) and so the dentist is not a scary place for me.  Formerly it wasn't my favorite place, but these days I'm pretty fond of going to the dentist.  First I get to sit and read a book quietly without anyone interrupting, talking too loud, or dancing on my lap.  Then I get to lay down in a chair and do absolutely nothing while someone else cleans my teeth for me.  I almost never get to have someone else do something for me without constantly badgering them to do it.  I'm always a little sad when they're done.

The next day I had an ultrasound.  Repeat the same procedure.  Buckle only myself into the car, listen to NPR, walk into the hospital with no 4-person train needing constant reminding to stay out of the road, and wait quietly while reading a book.  Lay on a bed in a dark quiet room.  Get up and go home.  What is there not to like?

I had no appointments during the day on Thursday, but I did have a dinner with friends that evening.  Once again I walked myself out to the car without fighting about who got to push the elevator button and this time I had a friend to ride with me for company.  We talked the entire time without being interrupted and then had delicious Thai food with more ladies who didn't interrupt either or complain about the food they had been served.  Nobody asked the same questions ten times in a row.  Nobody hit their neighbor and got sent to time out.  I got to eat my own food when it was hot, I didn't have to feed anyone else, and when my dinner was done I didn't even have to clear my own plate.  Then I went home and the children were all in bed asleep.

Friday was the last day of Spa Week and ended with a double treat.  In the afternoon I had an OB appointment where I made more headway on my book (a rather dismal expos√© on the commercial tomato industry) and I didn't throw up.  Then I went home and kissed the children, prettied myself up, and went on a date with Brandon.  We met up with some classmates of Brandon who are also going to Dushanbe and had a great time engaging in more adult conversation that didn't involve bodily functions or screaming.  We ate all of our food and so everyone even got dessert.  I didn't even have to share mine with Brandon as I'm old enough to have my very own.

Sadly, life is back to normal this week and I have to be a responsible mother and actually take care of my own children.  In a few weeks I'll have the culmination of spa week and spend a few nights all alone in the hospital.  I have firm plans to order at least two desserts for every meal.  But then, sadly, it will be back to normal life, full time, with a new addition to my personal entourage who will spend the next year having her own spa experience.  Maybe being pregnant isn't so bad after all?


PaulaJean said...

One of these days your crazy busy days will be over and you'll be able to eat a hot dinner without interruption. . .and it will be WONDERFUL!

MacLeans said...

I love that your spa is ob and dental appointments! Oh the joys of motherhood!

Mary Pugh said...

I'm so glad you got a few "spa-like" outings. I could be wrong but weren't you one of the Vienna girls to enjoy the niceties of the Turkish Bath (and spa) in Budapest?