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Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Very Boring Update, with no pictures

So I thought that I was very clever.  After having four children, I felt that I deserved to be clever - getting four children successfully through babyhood alive and sleeping through the night within three months of their birth would tend to make anyone feel clever.

But I was wrong.  I wasn't clever, I was just given four children that respond easily to a methodical approach.

And now I have a fifth.  That's all we need to say on the subject.  I have no doubt that in time she too will buckle under my methodical methods, but she's going to take a lot more method than the other ones did.  But in the end I will win, because I'm bigger and more patient and have logic and she's only a baby.  But it is really quite amazing how much a little tiny baby with no malice, agenda, or logic can really drive you crazy sometimes.

The rest of this blog is just an update with no real wit or entertainment value, just something to keep the family updated.

We started school two weeks ago because really, there wasn't much else to do.  We had to be stuck in the apartment anyway because of a particularly small member of the family who requires inordinate amounts of time to be soothed to sleep, and so I figured I might as well make everyone do school.

By 'everyone' I mean Kathleen.  She has moved to the next level for math, which is self-directed so all I do with her is grammar lessons and history.  So when I say I 'started school,' what I really mean was I made Kathleen start school.  The only other school I'm involved in is an hour of Sophia's reading lesson every day, which can thankfully be done from a rocking chair.

I'm very grateful that Brandon is in language training right now because if he wasn't, we'd be eating a lot of cold cereal for dinner.  Instead he follows my cooking instructions as I sit in the rocking chair convincing Eleanor that yes, being tired means that she should go to sleep.  I feel sorry for him as he has turned into a single parent of the four other children.

And that's all I've got.  My life feels somewhat like Groundhog Day right now.  Time to go pick up the screaming baby.


Nancy said...

That's funny because I didn't know that babies slept willingly until I had Miriam. Now that I have Benjamin I'm pretty sure Miriam was a fluke. :)

Nomads By Nature said...

Groundhog day is a great movie comparison to those first sleep deprived months of caring for an infant, and small children, when every day is a repeat of joys with the same versions of tasks and tests in patience. Hang in there!