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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pictures by children

A few months ago I bought a small point and shoot camera.  I'm still holding fast against smart phones, so the point and shoot is theoretically supposed to give me a more carry-able option than my big DSLR camera.  That, of course, supposes that I remember to take it around with me and then I have to actually use the thing.

The children, however, are happy to have another camera to steal and use.  Often they start out their photo shoots by asking if they can use the camera and I try to limit the number of pictures taken.  Then they completely ignore me and take as many as they like.  That's how, when I unloaded the camera last night, I had four hundred pictures waiting for me - most of them complete surprises.  It's almost like the days when we had to wait for film to be developed.

Self-portraits are always popular.

Maybe there's a reason our downstairs neighbors complained about 'bumping' and 'thumping.'

Who knew that flash reflected in a TV would be so interesting?

Hey guess what?  When you turn the camera upside down, it takes upside down pictures!!!

Windows, also popular.

And who doesn't like baby feet?

Hey girls! Put that camera away!!  Now!!!


PaulaJean said...

Great pictures!

S said...

My iPhone has so many surprise pictures. I admire your ability to keep away from smart phones!