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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas, Observed

Saturday morning was Christmas Day, Observed at our house.  We rationalized that, with the switch in residences and recent move halfway across the world, Santa Claus just had a little bit of a time finding our house and was late.  The children were just fine with that, as long as they got presents.

We had to have a lite version of our usual traditions since Brandon and I had stayed up until midnight  Friday night unpacking everything from the move on Thursday afternoon.  Instead of croissant breakfast ring we had muffins and we skipped any nativity scene on Christmas Eve.

The stockings were placed in the bookshelves with care.

But, as the essentials - toys and candy - were still there, everyone was just as happy.

The dress-ups were very popular.

With everyone.

We had a pleasant morning opening presents and dressing up and eating candy and had a nice afternoon eating snacks and napping and making pumpkin pie.

Eleanor enjoyed the tag on her toy.

And the coonskin cap.

And being cute (well, I enjoyed that part).

We finished the day with the traditional Christmas dinner of Eggs Benedict and soda before watching a movie and then going to bed.

It turned out to be a wonderful day, despite coming two days late.  Merry Christmas, Observed!


PaulaJean said...

Eggs Benedict; what a nice stress-free tradition. Merry Christmas, Observed!

Just US said...

Yay for Christmas in your new digs! Yay for a gorgeous looking kitchen with lots of cupboard space!