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Saturday, March 7, 2015

So Long, America!

I'm sitting in the LAX international terminal, waiting for my second flight of the day to board and send me back over the Atlantic and back to Dushanbe.  I've had a great time partying for the last several days and now it's time to return to real life.

I'm enjoying the last few minutes of understanding airport announcements and casual conversation.  I filled up my water bottle from the drinking fountain and am enjoying free internet while I wait.

It's been a brief interlude from being a stranger in a strange land.  One day I was in Central Asia and the next I was back in the motherland eating salad for lunch and picking up a few necessities from Wal-Mart.  Usually my trips back to America are treks that require weeks of planning and logistics, but this time I didn't even pack until the day before - and I only packed a carry-on.

I first travel to Frankfurt, then to Istanbul and finally to Dushanbe.  Each stop I am further from my culture and my people and closer to my home.  I often worry how I will be able to return to a land where things don't work and I can't communicate with a passing stranger.  Will I miss being a place will I belong?  Will the irritations be more noticeable after a break?

But traveling for three days can soften anyone up and by the time I get back I'm happy to be anywhere that isn't an airplane or airport.  Traveling is a never-never land outside of space and time, a place where you wait until you're allowed to reach your destination, a neutral place that belongs to all countries and no countries at once.

My flight is boarding and so it is time to go.  Goodbye, America.  See you later.

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PaulaJean said...

I had a lovely time with you and your siblings. Now, back to reality for all of us. :-)