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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Edwin!

Edwin turned six last week.  I find this kind of amazing, that my third child is six now.  There is a qualitative difference between five and six.  Clothes aren't from the toddler section any more.  School is a full-time, state mandated affair.  It takes two hands to show how old you are.

Kathleen turned six when we were in Baku and it seemed like it had taken absolutely forever for her to get so amazingly big.  And then Edwin turned six, almost behind my back.  I remember my uncle telling me, as we both gazed at three week-old Kathleen asleep in her carseat, that you're holding a tiny little baby and then the next thing you know they're going off to college.  I'm starting to feel that with my own children, even if college is almost a decade away.

For Edwin's birthday we took him to a local play place - this time with indoor bumper cars! - and got fried chicken before coming home for coconut cake and presents.  His fondest wish was to go up into the mountains to play in the snow, but we had a busy day and so had to stay around town.

We've had a rough time with Edwin - no matter what anyone tries to tell you boys and girls are not the same - but he has really become a pleasant part of our family.  If you ask him right, he's happy to help and will talk your ear off about the largest airplanes that anyone could imagine.  He and Joseph will spend a good amount of time playing together every day, coming up with creative ways to make a whole lot of noise.  If he decides that he is going to do something, he does it and won't give up until it's done.  And he adores his little sister.

Happy Birthday, Edwin!

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