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Monday, January 25, 2016

Adventure Monday

Last Monday was a holiday (thanks, MLK!).  We've spent a lot of our time sledding recently, so Brandon and I decided to mix things up a little and go hiking.  We haven't gone hiking since last spring and a nice sunny day decided in favor of the commencement of hiking season.  I love winter in Dushanbe.  Sometimes it gets cold so you feel like it's actually winter, but a lot of times it's sunny and fifties.  It's been much more livable than I thought it would be.

We got a late start to the morning, so our hike was close to home, about thirty minutes from our gate to the trailhead.  The drive earned half a 'you're not my friend right now' (ynmfrn), mostly when we drove on a road that had about six inches between our tire and a pretty steep drop into a small creek some seventy-five feet below.  Brandon didn't even blink an eye as further on we forded the same creek twice.  I love feeling that my SUV is actually being used like it's supposed to.  

The trail itself was very pleasant and we had a family first - not a single child complained about hiking.  Joseph only asked me to carry him on my shoulders once.

Despite Edwin's face, he likes hiking.  He just doesn't like having his picture taken.


We had to ford the same creek two more times during the hike, but (mostly) everyone made it through dry.  Brandon's shoe wasn't so lucky.  Time to get some waterproof hiking boots.

There are some things about Dushanbe I won't miss, but I'm definitely going to miss those views.  

I'm looking forward to coming back in the summer for picnics.  This hike had everything necessary for the perfect picnic spot - trees, a stream, close to home, and not so bad to get to (if your standards are a little low).  It will make the perfect spot on a warm spring day.  I can hardly wait.

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