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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Adventure Weekend

A few weeks ago we had a three day weekend.  This year all of our three-day weekends seem to include a Monday, which is really too bad.  When you have church in the middle, three day weekends aren't very useful for things like going on camping trips or leaving your children with the housekeeper and checking into a hotel.  Oh well.  I really shouldn't complain as we not only do we get American holidays off, we get Tajik ones, too.

For the first part of our weekend, we went sledding.  I'm pretty sure I've posted sledding pictures two other times, so you can just go here and imagine that we're doing the same thing again.  It seems, in my limited recollection, that it's snowed/rained a lot less this winter than it did last winter.  Which isn't something to complain about, but it makes for less sledding.  But that's okay, because if we can't sled we just hike instead.

This time the snow had fallen several days before and had reached the sandy stage, with four or five sandy inches of snow on top of crusty snow that had partially melted and then refrozen.  This combination made for some pretty fast sledding, which was lots of fun.  And even better, nobody got hurt.

On Monday we went for a drive to see something new.  We had never been down to Nurek, the reservoir that was one a mountain valley and now is a turquoise blue lake.  So, being in possession of a newly gassed car, we took a drive.  The lake itself was beautiful, but entirely inaccessible.  So we just looked.

Then we found a nice place for a picnic and had one.  

Sophia had complained earlier of not celebrating holidays in our stated holiday style, so we finished off our day with an extremely rare dinner out.  Taking five children out to dinner is almost always more work than feeding them, so we generally only go out to eat when we're on vacation.  But it was a holiday, so we splurged.  Twenty-five dollars bought us a tasty Indian dinner at a tasty local Indian restaurant, and even better than the dinner, it bought me a clean kitchen when we got home.

I know it's a rough life, but somebody's got to do it.  It might as well be me, right?

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