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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Twenty Questions, Round One

So the questions are in and it's time for some answers!

Does the name of the nation rhyme (or at least make an assonance) with the patronymic of a man who was later called Alexander VI, a name adopted as part of the new position to which he was appointed in 1492?

Nope.  I had to look that one up (thank you, internet).

Will Brandon need to speak Russian in this new assignment? 

Will the kids need to wear coats at least once during the winter? 

Is there a direct flight from this new posting to the U.S.? 
That would be really nice, but no.

Is this capital above the equator? 

Is it above the Tropic of Cancer? 

Is it below the Tropic of Capricorn? 

Is it found on the Asian continent? 

Is it found on the European continent? 

Is it found on the African continent?

Does it border a Sea?

Is the main language one Brandon already knows?

Will you qualify for the mythic clothing allowance?
Thankfully, no.

Will I be able to collect my rug from 'Southern Azerbaijan'?

Is there a DPO at post?

Does the country name start with a vowel?

Is there a post differential?
Of course!

Is the main language English?

Is the total flight time to the USA less than ten hours?
No, but it's a dream of mine to one day live in a place like that.

Is it Arabic speaking?

Thanks for all of the questions!  Submit your next round of questions on the blog or Facebook, and I'll keep answering them!


alex said...

Does it end with -stan?

Unknown said...

My only question is how many non-life-threatening medevacs can you get to visit us in London? Haha! Maybe just finding cheap flights would be safer.


nelsonjeneen said...

Does the country have a lake named, Aydar Ko'l? Was the first president of this country Islam Karimov in 1991? Does this country share a border with 5 other countries?
OR Does this country have the Bande Pitaw Wildlife Refuge? :) lol