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Sunday, August 20, 2017


This year we spent most of our R&R at the beach.  It was fantastic.  Seriously, if I had the money and no doctor's appointments, family obligations, or friends I wanted to see, I'd just spend my whole R&R at the beach.  It would probably work if I just had the money.  Because everything and everyone else could just come see me at the beach. 

But before the beach, we had to get to America.  The day started off in Dushanbe  And it stretched across 30 hours, 9 time zones, 5 airports, 4 flights, 4 countries, 3 continents, and two hemispheres.  Oh, and it was just me and the six children.  

It ended in North Carolina.  With everyone and their sanity intact (but without one suitcase).  Because I am awesome.  Bragging rights forever.

We arrived a week before the whole Sherwood clan descended and got to see all of those friends I'd been missing since we left in March.  Which was a lot more fun that flying across the world.  And also a lot tastier.

We also made one more use of our Marbles membership.  Because America has wonderful things like children's 'museums.'  

Then I got down to work.  Three hours, a WalMart, a Sam's Club, a Smithfields' barbecue, and about a thousand dollars later, my parent's minivan looked like this.  It turns out it takes a lot of food to feed forty-four people.  Also, it turns out that a gross of ice cream treats only lasts five days.

Then it was just time to play.  

And hang out with cousins.

And play in the hot tub with cousins.

And on the beach.

And talk (and talk and talk and talk).  And then talk some more.

And celebrate Kathleen's birthday.

And take long walks on the beach at sunset.  But not romantic ones.

But, like all good things, it had to come to an end and now we're back in Dushanbe (excuse me while I go wipe away a tear).  It sure was fun while it lasted!

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