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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter 2019

Easter this year wasn't going to be very festive.  I spent most of the week in London and so didn't put much thought into Easter celebrations.  

To be honest, however, I generally don't do much for Easter.  My mother never gave us Easter baskets and I think we all turned out to be healthy, normal people, so I use that as an excuse to continue the deprivation into the next generation.  My children have plenty of candy and they have more than plenty toys.  Yes, my Grinchiness extends to more holidays than Christmas.  Poor children.

The embassy had an Easter egg hunt, but I never got around to signing up the children for the event. So instead we spent Saturday morning eating a late breakfast and doing chores.  Yes, I really know how to party.  I definitely was planning on attending, even despite Brandon's protests that the last thing he wanted to spend his Saturday morning on was seeing people that he had seen all week.  But somehow my desire to write that arduous email never lined up with a free time slot.

Instead I spent almost forty pounds on British candy and called it Easter candy for the children.  Never mind that I always bring candy back when I go to London, this time it was for Easter.

But then a friend decided to host Easter and everyone got saved from having Pad Thai for their Easter dinner.  Sometimes my laziness even embarrasses me.  

This friend loves cooking and loves friends, so we got to have ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, funeral potatoes, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, salad, pickled beets, cream cheese jello salad, and rolls instead of noodles with sauce.  Everyone was much happier with the change of menu.

In addition to the strawberry pie, chocolate covered strawberries, carrot cake, and apple pie, the children also got to have an Easter egg hunt so that they could all experience the joy of Christ's Resurrection, celebrated with brightly-colored plastic eggs filled with brightly-wrapped chocolate candy.

But it was wonderful to celebrate Easter with friends and fellow Christians.  Holidays are always better celebrated with others, and I was grateful to my own friend who saved my from my own lack of preparation.  It's always nice to be saved from ourselves even when we haven't done anything to deserve it.

And I suppose that is the message of Easter - we all can be saved from ourselves and we all definitely don't deserve it.  I am grateful for the resurrection of my Savior so that I can be saved from myself so that I can spend an eternity with all of my friends and family and those who I love.

Happy Easter!

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Patti said...

Three cheers for another no Easter basket family! Another reason why I love your mother. :D