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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beware the Quiet Child

After running every morning with Kathleen, I shower. And as Kathleen can't be trusted with the run of the house, I put her in her room. Sometimes she plays with her toys, or pulls things out of her closet, or bangs on the door, and sometimes she complains about her confinement. However, as I am in the shower and the mom, there's nothing she can do about it.

This morning, Kathleen wasn't very happy and banged on her door while complaining, and as usual, nothing changed. After awhile she gave up, and I finished showering, and then dressed without the aid of Kathleen clinging to my legs after I let her out. Emerging from the bathroom, I went to let Kathleen out. As I opened the door, she turned and looked at me with a smile of great delight and pride, having just demonstrated that often a quiet baby is one who is getting into trouble - this time with diaper cream.

1 comment:

Laura said...

I suppose she is just trying to show you who is really the boss. At least she was entertaining herself, right?