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Friday, August 31, 2007

Teething Terror

Kathleen has reached that point in her life, where, alas, she is growing teeth. She has had two top teeth since she was six month old, and the two bottom showed up three months later, but none other decided to make an appearance until we were on vacation for three weeks. As we were on vacation, her increased fusiness and clinging wasn't completely unusul, just incredibly wearing. I didn't realize the cause of her anxiety until we were riding home from the beach and my cousin Melodie pointed out that she had a fully erupted molar in the back. When I got around to inspecting her gums at home, I discovered four more teeth on the way, including two molars, on her upper jaw.

Now, two and a half weeks later, she is still teething, and I discovered today that she now has teeth threatening to make an appearance on her lover jaw. Both Brandon and I try to keep her regularly dosed with Tylenol, but there's nothing we can do when she refuses to eat and won't drink her bottle. At first I was pleased about her newly growing teeth, but now we're both ready to put her in a box with some puppies outside of Wal-Mart with a sign announcing "Free Baby - Car Seat Included."

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