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Thursday, November 15, 2007

How do they get children to smile?

Last Friday, Brandon and I completed another milestone: first family picture. Having had no official photographic record of Kathleen as of yet, and desiring to have one with only three of us (without #4 making its presence know yet visibly), we went to the photographer. We all arose bright and early Friday morning, washed, dressed in our best, combed our hair, and prepared for photographic immortality. I had visions of endless portrait studio ads with sweetly smiling angels, displaying to the world their cheerful temper and cherubic smiles.

Kathleen will never be featured in any of those ads. In fact, I wouldn't even count on her being a model as an adult. Kathleen loves the camera, smiling and cooing whenever we bring it out. One would think that the camera is her next-best friend (after the toilet and perhaps the telephone). Evidently that love doesn't extend to cameras that want to take her picture for hanging on the wall, not just computer screen savers.

After suffering through half an hour of trying to get Kathleen to smile instead of cry inconsolably while sitting on Brandon's and my lap, the photographer then had the Herculean task of stemming the even-louder sobs while again trying to catch a smile that might be hidden behind the runny nose and tears. Brave soul. Eventually cheerios saved as much of the day as possible, and we have hopes for at least one picture that will make it past the digital trash can. If not, there's always digital manipulation, right?

Next time: what happened after the photo session.


Josh & Amanda said...

Just be grateful you have at least one family picture...even if she is crying. We were scheduled to have family pictures taken the afternoon Andrew died. So, hooray for your effort even if she screamed the whole time! P.S. We use M&M's to get Zach to smile. In a lot of our pictures, you can see blue chocolate in his mouth!

Jake & Rachelle said...

Family pictures can be such a pain, but then so worth it. Just think, when she has kids you can laugh at her attempt to get a good family picture! Oh, and congrats on number two. We are so happy for you!

The Reese's said...

When we took our only family picture to date, Nathan fell asleep (he was only three months old). Dad asked if that was a good thing, and I said it was fabulous since it meant he wasn't screaming. Kids are great :)