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Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm told that with age comes wisdom. Or at least change. As a teenager, I would unequivocally declare that I didn't believe in exercise. Upon seeing a runner on the street, thoughts of what kind of sick person they were came to my mind. After entering BYU, I amended my policy somewhat, and would work out with my friend Amber twice a week. But it was only weight lifting, and we would go eat lunch at the Cannon center previously.

My sophomore I stepped it up and did kickboxing at my apartment complex, but after attempting running, I gave it up, because I'm not a runner. However, that summer 8 pounds in a month intervened, and running was interspersed with swimming. So, grudgingly, I became a runner. But with conditions:
1. No running when the temperature drops below freezing
2. No running in the rain
3. And absolutely no running in the snow

This past month and a half has been filled with both below-freezing temperatures and snow, and I have not been seen on the streets of Springville. However, recently the snow has finally ceased its falling, and the sidewalks have been somewhat cleared. And even I have been excited to go running. Except for condition number 1. The cold.

To say that it has been cold recently would be an understatement (at least for me). It has been so cold that even Brandon who never complains of the cold has complained of it being chilly. Inside. Our dining table sits in a corner that has a window and is composed of two exterior walls, and one can feel the cold radiating off the walls as one eats. It doesn't make for a very pleasant dinner.

But it doesn't look to be getting any warmer, and I'm certainly not getting any less pregnant, so this morning Kathleen and I took the plunge. I put on two pairs of running tights, two fleece jackets, a neck gaiter, and earband, and gloves. Kathleen had on gloves, a fleece cardigan, her coat, a scarf, and her hat. Once we got outside I wrapped her up in two fleece blankets, and a big quilt for extra measure. At the point, when it started snowing, it wasn't worth undressing and going back inside, so we went running. In 10 degree weather in the snow.

I think that perhaps age only brings insanity.


dixonfamily said...

Wow pregnant lady! When I am pregnant I use it as a great excuse to not do anything in the way of exercise, beyond chasing my children. It looks like Kathleen enjoyed the outing in the snow. She looks so cute all bundled up!

Ash said...

Aww...Kathleen looks so darn cute bundled up so warm in the stroller! I think you're crazy, but again, this is coming from someone who thinks exercise is not necessary to begin with, and especially not in the cold or precipitation! Anyway, I'm impressed!

Josh & Amanda said...

Kathleen is truly a doll in that picture. You, however, are crazy!

The Reese's said...

Sorry Ash, I'm going to have to agree that you're a bit loony. I'm exclusively a treadmill runner these days - it's always pleasantly warm and dry. More power to you, though.

The Olsen's said...

Happy Birthday!!! We hope that you have a warm, snow free day in honor of your birth. I saw on the news the Raleigh Durham got snow too! I am not sure if this is any consolation, but atleast other people are suffering from the cold too and can't tell you how nice their weather was today when you a freezing. Love you and hope Brandon is going to pamper you on your birthday!!!!

Ashlie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one for you! Thanks for all that you do for me! Love you!

UnkaDave said...

Great picture in the stroller! If you feel like doing it, go for it! I have continued cycling in to work in the cold, and really, you warm up pretty fast, in fast can get too warm. Thanks for the updates - we love them.


UnkaDave said...

Great picture! Looks like she enjoys getting out, too. Don't let them give you a hard time. I continue to commute by bike in the winter - you warm up fast, and have to be careful to not get too warm, if anything.
Thanks for the updates - we love them!

UnkaDave said...

Great picture! Thanks for the updates! It looks like she enjoys getting outside, too. It's really fine doing the outdoors stuff; if anything, you have to keep from getting too warm.

dixonfamily said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm a day late. We hope that you had a fun and relaxing birthday! Hopefully you got a break from a few of your normal duties as mother and wife, and got waited on a little. We love you and are glad you are part of our family. Hope all is well!

Laura said...

I don't think you're crazy! You're awesome! (I know this comment is late. . . ) It's amazing how fast you warm up, and how much more it makes you love the cold weather. (now the rain is a new issue entirely. . .)