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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why I'd Like to Move to the South

I would like to move to the South (or anywhere else that relies on the solar method of snow removal, or ever better, anywhere that doesn't see snow) so that I wouldn't have to shovel snow when I'm 4 1/2 months pregnant.


Laura said...

I'm actually jealous. Look at that sunshine! Wow! And all that snow! I love shoveling snow! It honestly makes me giddy! I can't wait to come visit in a couple weeks and luxuriate in all that snow and sunshine. . . :)

The Reese's said...

I'm sorry Ashley. The office manager at Chad's office remembers the last major snowstorm to come through Jacksonville - 19 years ago. I don't miss the snow after five years in Boston either. One day it will stop snowing.

The Olsen's said...

Do not shovel snow! Make Brandon do it!
I agree with you completely I too hate that yucky icky cold white stuff. Does Kathleen take after you or Brandon?

Josh & Amanda said...

Ugh. That bites. I hate snow. Thankfully, we haven't had really any here in NJ yet, and it can stay that way. Maybe we can convince these Sherwood men to move us to Phoenix together! That is a truly wonderful place!

Janyece said...

Come out to VA! We had a high of 72 yesterday! i even have an excuse of a baby blessing for you so it's not even like you're trying to escape! Oh and next time, get Brandon to shovel the snow! No one should have to shovel something they despise so vehemently! ;)

UnkaDave said...

Nice pictures! Thanks for the new entry and the pictures of the starlet! Mike prayed for snow, but studied for the chem final anyway, and thinks he did OK.