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Friday, June 20, 2008

Kathleen's Further Experiments

Kathleen has discovered recently that, as Sophia's crib is behind our couch, she can view the scenery simply by climbing onto the couch. Sophia being but a small child and rather uninteresting, Kathleen has hit upon other ways to utilize such a prime viewing position. Like a Baal-worshiper making offerings to her idol, Kathleen has begun to cast offerings into the altar of Sophia.

First it was simple things: her doll, blankets, perhaps a book. One might be tempted to think that Kathleen is experiencing empathy; what would Sophia like based on Kathleen's own experience? A few mornings I found another offering: two bulb-suckers. Hmm, not empathy any more. Yesterday was the summer-solstice offering (if only a few days early). Lip gloss, another bulb-sucker, Lansinoh, and an entire crate of diapers. Perhaps Sophia will be appeased.


Janyece said...

Oh! That picture is priceless. Was she honestly asleep during all this? If so, I'm sending Ethan to your house so Kathleen can work her magic on him too!!

Latter-Day Guy said...

That is hilarious. Kathleen, the littlest pagan. Oooh, there might be a children's book deal in the making there. Marketed to Wiccan parents or something. Maybe published by the same company that printed "Heather Has Two Mommies," and "Our Big Fat Gay Divorce," and "Passed Through The Fires of Moloch: A Child's Very Brief Memoir."