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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kathleen's New Ride

Recently, Kathleen acquired her first car. Being a classic kind of girl, she (well, actually I did, because it had a hood that opened) opted for an apple green Dodge Charger. We're not sure about the horsepower because the engine is black plastic. It does, however have four wheels that roll marvelously over just about any surface.

Kathleen has been taking a lot of road trips recently: out into the garden (the car got washed after that one), over the dishwasher vent (it's very bumpy), on the bricks outside our front window, on the bookshelf, my leg, her leg, the window, various chairs, books, and most recently, Sophia's head.

Not only does it roll marvelously, it also fits into Kathleen's other new possession: her Princess purse. The purse doesn't roll, but it does light up. She is now equipped with what every female needs: a car, a purse, and somewhere to go.


Janyece said...

Your posts are so fun to read! You should write books. I'd buy them! I hope all is going well and Sophia's head was damaged by those hefty looking wheels!

PS Are you going to be around July 19th? Email me if you will be! Joann is planning a Cairo reunion.

Janyece said...

By around, I do mean in Utah...

Laura said...

As the reigning super-hero-princess, I must applaud Kathleen's selection of a princess purse. I'm a very proud aunt. :)