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Friday, August 8, 2008

On the Road (Airplane) Again

After a week (for me) of recovering from my last trip illness, and five days of Kathleen maintaining a fever (from a UTI), the girls and I are off for more partying while Brandon stays home to work. As I child I thought it manifestly unfair that my father had to go to work while everyone else got to party. Now that I'm an adult, I realize that it is still manifestly unfair. However, we're still leaving Brandon.

Right now the girls are asleep, and I'm finishing up odds and ends before we head off to the airport. At least this time we're flying. However, in exchange for not driving, I get to take care to two children under the age of two by myself. All of the way to the east coast. The hardest part of the trip will be simply getting on the plane. Brandon is at work, so we're getting dropped off at the airport. When I am dropped off, I will have 1. Kathleen 2. Sophia 3. the diaper bag 4. a double stroller 5. Kathleen's car seat 6. Sophia's car seat 7. my bag, and 8. the girls' bag. Bear in mind that I only have 2 hands - and 8 items to take care of. And that's why Skycaps are worth every dollar.

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Janyece said...

I just did those to Utah and back and I do not envy you! It'll be hard but you'll have so much fun, I'm sure! Good luck! I hope your kids sleep better on planes than mine do! (They don't so it won't be hard to beat them!)