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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Food is Love

I once had a roommate who would say with a smile, "mmmmm, food is looove."  And based on my eating habits of the last week, I think she is right.  

As one can tell by my previous picture, tomatoes are finally in season out here in Utah.  I think that one of life's great pleasures is picking your own perfectly ripe produce and turning it into tasty things.  Like the aforementioned tomato-pesto soup with dumplings and cream.  Or tomato cream sauce on homemade pasta.  

I was at the grocery store recently and found some absolutely delicious, thick, perfect bacon on sale.  I bought 4 pounds and we had BLTs that night.  With fresh tomatoes, homemade bread, and homemade mayonnaise.

And then there were mangoes.  39 cents apiece.  Almost as good as the ones that are worth moving back to Egypt for.  Blended with ice cream for mango mousse.

To top off my week of gastronomic bliss, I have a fresh peach pie baking in the oven.  Made with local peaches picked off the tree two days ago.  I'm not sure if I'll die of happiness or a heart attack first.


Tyler and Rachael said...

yummm--i wish i was your neighbor and could just happen to drop by each day for taste tests.

Janyece said...

You sure know how to make a girl salivate! hehe!

dixonfamily said...

My mom always says that too!! It's so true! You should start a recipe blog. I'm serious. I would love to see how you make all those delicious sounding dishes!