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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lack of memories, courtesy of Versed

Recently, Kathleen and I took a trip to the hospital.  Unlike many trips to the hospital, this trip was planned and not life-threatening (or the result of life-threatening events).  She simply had to have an ultrasound of her kidneys and bladder and a procedure called a VCUG (if you have questions, ask Laura).

Ultrasounds are not traumatic; all that happens is some gel and a wand rubbed in the vicinity of the targeted internal organs.  Well, they aren't supposed to be traumatic, unless you happen to be a two year-old who lives here and is named Kathleen.  She did have the opportunity to impress the ultrasound tech with her ability to say the ABCs as a distraction. 

VCUGs, however, are traumatic and so Kathleen got her first (and hopefully only) introduction to a pediatric sedation team.  Yes, team.  She got the royal treatment from a pediatric sedationist, two nurses, two Child Life workers, and entire basket of toys and books.  The ultrasound tech commented that he usually considered this rigamarole overkill, 'but with your child, I think it's probably appropriate.'

After 2 1/2 hours (20 minutes at the start of her Ketamine excepted) of songs, books, toys, more songs, more toys, more books, and a whole lot of crying, I would have to disagree with the tech.  I think that in Kathleen's case, all of that rigamarole wasn't enough for Kathleen and her (as one nurse dubbed it), 'feisty spirit.'  The next visit is Brandon's turn.


Janyece said...

Way to take turns! Why is Kathleen having a routine ultrasound? I didn't realize she had been to the hospital at all. Is everything okay? I'd ask Laura about the VCUG but I have no idea who Laura is! ;)

Latter-Day Guy said...

Versed, Ativan, Diprivan... together, they're a cocktail worthy of 50 vodka tonics. However, if you get THAT cocktail, you aren't having a good weekend and you STILL won't remember what happened!