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Friday, February 6, 2009


I don't have time for clever, witty stories today, so I'll just tell all of you devoted fans what things have been happening around here to act as an excuse for my lack of creativity.  After all, you are theoretically interested in my life as you are reading this right now, right?  If not, continue on to your next blog.

1. My birthday.  It started at 5 am with Sophia clamoring to wish me a Happy Birthday first.  It ended, however, with this
2. A 3-lb package from FedEx entirely composed of paperwork.  And a flyer for the National Aquarium and Luray Caverns.

3. More packages.  Suitcases, packing supplies, more packing supplies, a car-top carrier, and clothes for Brandon (and I admit, some for me.  After all, I'll soon have appearances to keep up).  We have enough boxes to, well, do something with.

4. Lists.  And more lists.  And Excel workbooks.  We have now cataloged everything we own and have it on a spreadsheet, along with where it's going, how much it's worth, and where it came from.  

5.  Decisions.  See the above mention of where all of our stuff is going.  Because all of our worldly goods are now being valued according to how much they weigh.  We get to take 700 lbs of stuff and whatever fits in our car to DC.  Everything else goes into storage in Maryland until we head off to our first post.  And then we get 7200 lbs.  So, that high school year book?  Too heavy.  Toss it.

6.  Sorting.  As we have to decide what is absolutely necessary for up to a year, I've sorted through all of our things once already to toss/give away/recycle what we don't want to haul around the world with us.  Now I'm going through everything again, this time to separate into piles: one small one with the necessaries, the rest to be seen again at a yet-undisclosed time and location.

7.  Shopping.  We had to find: 1. a place to live, furnished (what, you don't think we can fit our furniture into a 700-lb shipment?), close to work (one car), and willing to work with the Foreign Service's very strange per diem rates.  2. new car insurance  3. short-term health insurance  4. shipping insurance (yes, all of one's worldly goods occasionally get dropped in the drink or looted when governments fall)  5. renters insurance  6. new cell phones  7. the aforementioned luggage and car-top carrier  

8.  Scheduling.  Yes, we have movers, but they don't just show up on their own, and without having to come see everything they're supposed to be packing up.  

9.  Begging.  And what do you do with the children while you're taking your house apart after having given away half the furniture and dismantled the rest and made piles around the house that cannot. be. touched.  especially when Sophia has just learned to crawl?  Not to mention the day that the movers actually come to take away bed, books, toys, and everything that makes up a 2 year-old's world.  That's why we have ward members.  

10.  Errands.  Clothes to buy, clothes to return, a car to be inspected, brakes to be fixed before the car passes inspection, standing in line at the DMV for renewal decals, medical records to be picked up, forms to be faxed, another VCUG, a new car seat as Sophia has decided to grow of hers, utilities to be shut off, library books returned, items to be dropped off at DI, several times, and many more.

11. Taxes.  Yes, it's that time of year.  Thank heavens for online filing.

12.  Church business.  Brandon and I both serve in YM/YW with its attendant Wednesday nights and Sunday lessons.  And we're giving talks on Sunday.

13.  And don't forget, I still get to be a mom and deal with an especially unpleasant Sophia (why?  who knows), busy Kathleen, messes to clean up, meals to be cooked, and laundry to wash.

I have never looked forward to a cross-country drive as I do to our upcoming one.


Sarah Flib said...

Hi, Ashley! Thanks for saying hi on my blog a while back . . . I'm finally making it over here to comment. I love reading all your stories, by the way.

Your past couple of weeks sound extremely intense. Congrats on getting into the Foreign Service. My husband is interested in that as well. Good luck with the rest of your move! The drive across the country really will feel relaxing in comparison.

dixonfamily said...

You guys sound beyond busy, but we are so excited about all the upcoming adventures. Good luck with everything, and I should be seeing you in Missouri in a couple weeks! Hug your cute girls for me!!

Claire said...

Good luck on your trip.

PaulaJean said...

Is it polite to say I'm glad to be old?

Latter-Day Guy said...

Sounds like you're trés busy. How's about 5:30 on Weds for picking up the food-glorious-food?

Tyler and Rachael said...

good luck!

Janyece said...

This all sounds so familiar. You have now entered the crazy life, but it is kind of fun when it's not overwhelming! Did you find a place to stay because I have a great recommendation in Manassas! Good luck with all that paper work and I hope you had a great birthday!!

Mary Pugh said...

Crazyness! Good luck!