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Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

This year, romance was definitely in the air.

4:45 Sophia wakes up in a Holiday Inn in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Unfortunately for Romance, we were all with her.
6:15 We wake up for real and prepare to continue the drive begun the night before
9:00 After not having room service like the hotel promised, we begin driving
11:00 Still driving
1:00 Still driving and attempting conversation over the howling of the wind as it tries to push our overladen car over into Wyoming rangeland
3:00 Second gas and potty break of the day
5:00 Wonderful views of Nebraska farmland
8:00 Still driving, and fishing for snacks among the piles that surround Kathleen and Sophia
9:30 Finally in Omaha
9:45 Girls in bed after much screaming
10:00 Turn to each other, give each other a kiss, and wish each other Happy Valentine's Day

And who said that Romance dies when you get married and have children?


Laura said...

Hahaha. I remember that drive. It NEVER ENDS.

Tammy and Alvin said...

Hey lovebirds,

We know you're in the area somewhere. You can't hide from us forever.

Lindsay Edward said...

hahaha That is great! Ah those lovely cross-country drives. I never thought I could have such a passionate hatred for a state until I drove through Kansas.