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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Recently, the girls and I went to Target.  While at Kathleen's favorite store, we purchased the usual items - diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies, trash bags.  After having put our customary purchases in the cart, we then went to the Home section of Target and did something I have never done before in my adult life.  We purchased towels.

As part  of our many wedding gifts, Brandon and I received a complete set of matching towels because, well, that's what we registered for.  We've used the towels in three different residences and they continue to dry things wonderfully.

But when we moved to our present house, I came across a problem: we have two full bathrooms.  I've never lived somewhere that I had two full bathrooms for my own personal use and personal responsibility to stock them.  So I went to Target and I bought four washcloths, four hand towels, four bath towels, and a bath mat.

In the last few months I've done a lot of things: I've found and contracted an entire house to rent, I've moved my household across the country, I've sent my husband off to work in a suit, I've seen a few ambassadors, and I've continued to raise two children.

Of all of those activities, however, buying the towels has made me feel the most grown up.


UnkaDave said...

Very cool! You're sounding downright middle class or something.
In all seriousness, thanks for the entries - I love hearing about you guys. Tell the hot sister I'm looking forward to seeing her!

Lindsay Edward said...

I think I have house envy! 2 bathrooms?!..not that we need a second one at this point, but you must feel like such an adult!

PaulaJean said...

And I really appreciated the new towels and bathmat when I visited!

Sam said...

The buying of towels may or may not have been influenced by an act I may or may not have committed, namely, accidentally stealing the towels and cloths that were mixed in the last round of laundry I washed at your apartment. Yeaaaah... my bust.

Janyece said...

Hehe! I love it!

dixonfamily said...

That is great!! Gotta love new towels!!