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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So what did you do at work today?

Recently, Brandon got a new job, and I didn't.  My life is about the same - feeding children, cleaning children up, cleaning the house up, answering endless requests from Kathleen.  No matter where we go, it will always be about the same, even if the requests change from popcorn to mangoes.

However, Brandon's new job is different and so I like to hear about the various things he does each day because it always changes.  One day he practiced evading pointed questions (although I thought he didn't need any more practice at that).  Another day he went and listened to various people from the Senate talk about things associated with the Foreign Service.  His first day he heard all about bugs and the various places they can be planted that you thought were only possible in spy movies.

His day always makes for interesting dinner conversations.

When he came home yesterday, I asked Brandon the usual question about knowledge gained that day.  Oh, he said nonchalantly, we learned about bombs.  And avoiding carjackings.  And how to get out of roadblocks that involve Taliban members and machine guns.  Yes, and of course robberies.  But, you know, robberies are so blase.  

It's too late to back out now, but I'm glad that we didn't hear about all of this vital information before we joined the foreign service.


UnkaDave said...

I am Sooo with you on this. I had two Taliban guys in the office yesterday, and had to give lots of evasive answers. On the way home, I almost got bike-jacked, but I got through the roadblock. Just another day as an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Lindsay Edward said...

*Sigh* Oh Ashley. This is what people get when they complain about the lasagna factory. haha Sounds like the Foreign Service is a real adventure! "Next week you'll be learning how to make your assailant's head explode, in one swift blow to the temple!"

Janyece said...

Oh and the stories you'll be able to tell later on in life... I have some fun ones. At least they don't involve the Taliban. And don't worry, despite the fact that our job stays the same, the scenery changes are nice and there are still lots of adventures to be had!

Mary Pugh said...

Wow wow wow, you should go undercover and pretend that you are a stay at home mom but really be a guys could be like Mr. and Mrs. Smith...or not! I actually hated that movie, but you'd make a cool spy

Latter-Day Guy said...


The Olsen's said...

Wow! all of brandon's gadget suit days prepared him for this very thing. Ask him to tell you about it!