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Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello Again

For those of you counting, it has been a month since any updates on our fascinating lives here in Egypt. My apologizes, especially as I confess that we've had the internet for a week now.  It's been an eventful month of silence for us here in the hinterlands - we moved one day, got our UAV (air shipment) the next day, got our first HHE (boat) shipment two weeks after that, and our second HHE shipment a week after that.  Combined with giving talks last Friday on the first day of our primary callings, it's been busy.  But don't worry, I'll catch everyone up on the highlights.


PaulaJean said...

In your case, silence is NOT golden!

Lindsay Edward said...

Glad to see you're still alive! Geez Ashley. I'm shocked that blooging isn't at the top of your priority list. haha Looking forward to the updates!

Tyler and Rachael said...

glad to know that all is well. we'll be checking back for updates.