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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Better Late than Never

Despite the late date of this posting, Edwin did arrive on time on Tuesday, the 15th. Lately I have been busy, so this is from my family's blog, pictures and text courtesy of my father.

George Edwin Sherwood, come on down!!

So, with Brandon safely in town, it was time for the reason that they were all here - to evict the new kid! The Labor & Delivery nurses were grateful for the two boxes of hot Krispy Kremes that Ashley and Brandon picked up early on Tuesday morning before they were called in.

Everything went smoothly; Dr. Zimmerman's epidural worked well, and went in just about when the contractions were getting, um, uncomfortable, as we doctors like to say. After that, it wasn't long before Ashley pushed twice, and out popped a nice, mostly bald, surprised looking kid!

The whole transition didn't seem like that good an idea, considering the treatment to which he was immediately subjected.

Ashley and Brandon were able to immediately confirm that yes, Brandon was the father, as evidenced by the water skis on the end of Edwin's legs.

Ashley confessed to feeling better after this one than the previous two.

Theresa McKee, an old nurse friend on Labor & Delivery kindly attended the labor and delivery, and compared notes about living in Turkey with Ashley and Brandon during the process.

Of course, there are priorities in life, and Ashley had food ordered within a very short time.

Meanwhile, Grandma was home wrestling The Girleens, and couldn't make it over to the hospital until the next day, when she was able to meet her newest grandchild, who didn't seem that impressed.

Ashley and Edwin were doing well enough that they were released a little more than a day after the arrival. By then, the sisters had been fed, bathed, read to, and put in bed, but were eager to meet their new brother when he arrived at home.

We are most thankful for Ashley's safe delivery and Edwin's safe arrival. So far, he's been a calm little guy, doing the things that guys his age do: eat, sleep, and go through diapers.

We hope that you are doing well, and appreciate the prayers in his and Ashley's behalf.


Nancy said...

He's so cute! Congratulations! We can't wait to meet Edwin out here. :)

And no problemo about Sunbeams--I think Andrew's parents had a fun time!

Jake and Rachelle said...

Glad all went well. He sure is cute! Congrats!

Nisa said...

Everyone looks so happy. I love it!! Merry Christmas!

Sarah Flib said...

Congrats, Ashley!

Sherwoods said...

So precious. Congrats you guys. I love the picture of you little family. Adorable!

Jen said...

We are sooo excited for you. Congratulations!!! Your family is beautiful.

Nishant said...

Glad all went well. He sure is cute! Congrats!

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