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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Part II Getting to Frankfurt

Thankfully, there was another flight to Frankfurt later that night, at 9:55. My mother had already re-booked us on the flight, but had not thought to make sure our seats were together. Perhaps we could be separate for the first flight, and maybe even the last flight, but I had no desired to be separated for the 9-hour overnight flight.

After waiting in line for 45 minutes and three Kathleen bathroom trips, a kind gate agent pulled us aside and started doing his tapitty-tapitty magic that gate agents do to either solve all of your problems or wreck your life.

Following 20 minutes (and another bathroom trip) we had four seats together, with the promise that we would have the fifth seat together before our flight departed. Mom, Edwin and I parked in an empty row of seats and let the girls eat their fill of snacks and treats in lieu of the in-flight dinner that they would not eat.

Soon enough our time came to board, and we found our seats - five in a row, bulkhead seats in United Economy Plus. Whoever the gate agent was, we reverence to power of his tapitty-tapitty that moved us up, and thank him for his pity.

With the help of Benadryl and a late flight the girls slept wonderfully. Sophia fell asleep within 15 minutes of taking off and woke only after we pulled her off the floor to buckle her in for descent. Kathleen slept most of the flight, but woke up to vomit and fall back asleep. Edwin slept too, and even I got a pretty good nap, which I would be needing later.


UnkaDave said...

"...but woke up to vomit..." Oh, the pleasures of traveling with the wee ones!

Nisa said...

Oh no! Poor girl! Does she always get sick on flights?

Thank heaven for that magic clickety click agent! Whew!