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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


For Christmas this year, I received Oliver! from Brandon. One FHE we decided to treat the girls and watch a movie and eat popcorn with them (which happens maybe once every other month. I know, mean). Knowing that Kathleen enjoys singing and dancing, we chose Oliver!

Fairly quickly we realized that Oliver!, although containing children, is not much of a children's movie, with child abuse, prostitutes, robbery and murder. Nonetheless, we finished it over a few nights and Kathleen peppered us with questions about 'the little boy' and 'the blue man' for the following months.

A friend of ours, Simmone Davies, told us about her school's production of the musical and so we dressed Kathleen up, got a babysitter, and took her out for her first fine arts production. Despite being scared that 'the blue man' would come and take her, she enjoyed the show and fish tank in the lobby.

Evidently quite taken with Oliver, she has now assigned all of us characters. She of course is Oliver, Brandon is Mr. Brownlowe, I am Sister Davies (who played Bette), Edwin is Fagin, and Sophia is... Bill Sykes (I have no idea how she decided that her little sister would be the murderous robber).

Now I have to refer to everyone by their assumed identities, which leads to some interesting statements that I don't think were in the original book, musical, or movie. 'Mommy Billy Sykes pee-peed on the floor.' 'Bill Sykes, let me put your clip in.' And my favorite, 'Come here, Bill Sykes so I can put your panties on.'


UnkaDave said...

That's a funny kid, obviously bright. It is strange sometimes, realizing they are seeing things for the first time and trying to figure out how to organize it.

PaulaJean said...

I this doesn't mean that Sophia is destined for a life of crime.

Go Duke!!!

Catherine said...

She is adorable. My kids were in a production of Oliver in their school in UT. However, it was a lighthearted version and Bill Sykes was just a sort of bad guy. There wasn't even a hint of a relationship with Nancy. So when I took Clara and Emma to Simmones' schools' version, we were surprised to learn the "real story." We need to get out more.

Nisa said...

Oh my goodness... Can't stop laughing!!!

dixonfamily said...

LOVE IT!!! Oliver has always been one of my favorites!! THose kids of yours are just too cute!! "Come here, Bill Sykes so I can put your panties on" - I am dying right now!!!

Latter-Day Guy said...

That is hilarious! In some ways, I prefer the musical to the novel. For instance, Fagin is a rather comedic character in the musical, but in Dickens' original, he is pure evil.

In any case, I hope you're all doing very well, and I look forward to seeing you (if I can swing it) this summer!

The Olsen's said...

Too funny. I love Oliver too! Megan has been doing this as well...and she always casts Madie as the most undesirable character. Poor Madie. But the other day she was telling me that she was a lorakeet and Madie was a pygmy Marmoset. Poor Madie. Hopefully Sophia and Madie will both get big enough to wallop their older sisters in deserved retribution for all the abuse they receive. I keep warning Meg it is coming. Glad to hear you guys are doing well!