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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Life has been busy around here, and although I have had time to think of plenty of clever posts, I haven't had much time to write the clever posts. Unfortunately, after a few days of waiting in my brain, they get bored and leave, so you gentle readers will just have to get the facts, without none of my witty prose that you have all grown to love and admire. Or something like that.

Edwin is doing well, and continues to sleep through the night. He has kindly settled down to a predictable 4 naps a day. When he's not napping, he's happy as long as he has somebody around to watch. I love that boy. He's learned to flip over, back to front, and so when the pediatrician asks about that whole 'back to sleep' thing, I'll just have to evade the question, or lie.

Sophia has really gotten the hang of talking, which I am grateful for. However, as she is not quite two years old, sometimes I have to get Kathleen to translate for me. I'm pretty sure Rere never has any idea what she's saying. Being the second has helped her greatly in the speech thing as she already has many stock phrases to repeat verbatim. A few weeks ago at dinner, we were all talking, and she managed to get in "Excuse me, I'd like to say something." When asked what she would like to say, she then asked "May I please have some more soup?" She's also potty trained 24/7, and so for the first time as a parent, I have a majority of my children out of diapers. Thank heaven!

Kathleen has grown up overnight; she is learning to read (albeit quite reluctantly some days), has stopped sucking her thumb, and is memorizing various things. I am so happy to have a child that can now go and get their own drink of water, and even one for their sister. She has also learned to ride her tricycle without using Sophia as a motor, and now rides it to the library. We make for great amusement for everyone when we go out with Kathleen on the tricycle, Sophia holding my hand, and Edwin in the Baby Bjorn.

We have all settled in quite well, and are happy to be in Egypt. Really. I'm not kidding. It's funny how you can't miss what you don't remember. I'm looking forward to mango season, and enjoying strawberry season, but I'm sad about orange season being over, but honeydews have just started, and the bananas are good. If you'd like to come sample the produce, just send us an email, and tell us you're coming!


PaulaJean said...

It's funny how your perspective changes. When Brynn was four, I expected a lot from her. Now, as for Mike, he was too little! Thank heavens for oldest daughters.

UnkaDave said...

I like the image of Kathleen pedaling her fancy tricycle, complete with handlebar tassels, down the streets of Cairo.