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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dear Commissary People,

Imagine my surprise recently when I visited my local commissary and found a drastic change in your milk packaging.  The noble eagle which has graced my breakfast table every day for the past year had been replaced by an obscene dancing cow.

Our morning oatmeal will no longer be served with a side of patriotic feeling and a reminder to support our forces and help in the maintenance of American freedom.

My daughter Kathleen will no longer have reading material to repeat, stars to count and long-vowel sounds to practice every morning.

Those who come after me will not know about the optimum storage temperature for dairy products which may lead to unintentional milk spoilage.

And without your gentle reminder, I may not remember my basic oral hygiene.

However, the change in packaging has convinced my daughters that their milk is somehow better because it has a dancing cow shaking its hips on the front.  And for that, I thank you.

Ashley Sherwood


Tammy and Alvin said...

Too funny. I'm nostalgic for some good propaganda in my life, but I have to admit that those dancing cows are pretty cool.

UnkaDave said...

So, did it work? Did your kids re-enlist in the Sherwood family?

Bridget said...

That is hilarious.

PaulaJean said...

I rather like the dancing cows, too. It shows how shallow I am.

Nancy said...


Milk comes from cows!?

(Yes, Rachel once asked if milk came from eagles...due to some commissary milk that was gifted to us).