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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dear Mr. Columbus,

Thank you for sailing the ocean blue in 1492.  If you hadn't ventured intrepidly into the unknown, you would not have discovered the Americas (to contemporary Europeans anyway).  And if you hadn't discovered the Americas, Brandon wouldn't have had Sunday off from work.

I honor your achievement.  I also am grateful to have the time to go the beach with Brandon.  I feel that spending your holiday relaxing on the sandy shores of the Red Sea with my husband is a fitting celebration of your voyage upon the sea.

The children at home with Rere will also remember you as they are separated from their loving parents, in memory of your separation from family.

Most of all, I am happy for the opportunity to spend 24 hours feeding only myself, dressing nobody but me, reading a book without interruptions, and waking up at whatever hour I choose.

Once again, thank you.

Ashley Sherwood


PaulaJean said...

Ah, mom and dad vacations. A true principle of marriage. I'm glad you had a good time!

UnkaDave said...

The Red Sea?! Cool, and good on you for taking advantage of the holiday commemorating the beginning of the enslavement and near-extinction of the noble native Western Hemisphereans by the running dogs of European capitalism and colonialism. Or whatever.

Bridget said...

Ooh, congratulations and I hope it was fun!