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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Athens Airport

We're at the airport right now.  This morning we woke up at 4, got ready, left the hotel, and went to check in for our flight.  The lady at the desk looked at our tickets, called on the phone, looked again, and then told me that the tickets were for tomorrow, not today.  

So I went and threw myself at the mercy of the ticketing counter and looked forward to the hotel's excellent breakfast.  The very kind woman told me that the flight from Athens to Munich was fine, but from Munich to DC was absolutely booked, even business class.  Since our ticket is a government fare, she was not allowed to change the routing.  However, United had an emergency hotline, and she would call them to see what she could do.  

After some waiting and looking forward to fresh-squeezed orange juice and pastries, she called us over with the good news.  We were booked through Frankfurt on Aegean and then on to DC where we could catch the same flight to Raleigh that we were supposed to take tomorrow.  She apologized for the wait, and I just smiled and told her it was no problem.  After the wait we had on Monday, I have a whole new tolerance for standing in line.  

The girls have been very well behaved, and so has Edwin.  We are at the beginning of a very long day which we devolve to growling from me and whining from the girls - it's inevitable - but at least we're starting out well.  

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Becky said...

Sending you the best of wishes for a safe trip home and safety for your husband. I am so grateful for the wonderful work these officers do in hard times. I hope you are all back together again soon.