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Friday, February 11, 2011


Today, I took a walk with the children.  We left our apartment complex and walked down the street, and after a few blocks we found a park.  It was situated next to a creek and in the middle of trees.  Kathleen found a friend to play with, and Edwin and Sophia enjoyed the swings.  We all came home, happy and ready for the pot pies I had put in the oven before our outing.

After such a nice, unexpected afternoon, I can catch everyone up on the last week.

Kathleen, Sophia, Edwin and I landed at my parent's house on Wednesday evening.  Thursday I unpacked, and that night my sister came with her three children to spend the weekend with my parents and attend the temple.

Friday morning, I got a call from Brandon.  He had been asked by his boss if he would like to leave, and he told him yes.  There would be a flight on Saturday, and he would most likely be in DC Sunday night.

Friday afternoon, I called corporate-stay apartments, and found an apartment in Chevy Chase to rent.  I also called a car-finding service, and had the owner start looking for a car that we could take to DC.  I called my aunt, and asked if she could shelter us all on Sunday night before we moved into our apartment on Monday.

Saturday I received and email from the car service about a Honda Pilot he had found for another client, but the client had backed out.  I talked with my parents for a few minutes, and then called Mr. Berger to tell him that we would take the car.  We wouldn't be able to complete the transaction until Monday as I didn't have a North Carolina driver's license to register the car in state.  So I called my aunt and cancelled our Sunday evening stay.

While thinking about our apartment, I considered the location, and contacted a few more companies about housing in Arlington.

Sunday we went to church, and Sunday night I transferred money to my checking account while purchasing car insurance.  I also read the driver's handbook to prepare for my license exam.  Brandon made it to DC Sunday night, and checked into a hotel until we could come up Tuesday morning.

Monday morning I stood outside the DMV, waiting in line to take my exam, which I passed.  I came home to arrange a new apartment, at Oakwood Falls Church, and kiss my security deposit goodbye for the previous apartment.  Then I went shopping at Target for a car seat for Kathleen and Costco for a GPS.  After visiting my dad's office to say hello and goodbye, I packed, again.  That evening, I drove with my father to pick up my 2007 black Honda Pilot and hand over the largest check I've ever made out in my life.

Brandon trolled the halls of Main State, looking for a job.  He was told of a position as staff aide in the front office of NEA/SCA, and accepted it.  Baaaaaaaaaad idea.

Tuesday morning I finished packing and stuffed everything into my new car, and left for Virginia.  We checked into our apartment, exploded our suitcases, and ordered pizza with a gift card sent by an amazingly kind FS/LDS friend.  Brandon came 'home' around five-thirty, the earliest he's made it all week.

Wednesday, instead of unpacking, I read a book while the suitcases continued vomiting and the girls played.  We attended a session about SEA payments, and I turned the house into more of a disaster looking for one missing boarding pass (out of a total fourteen).  I still haven't found it.  That evening we went to my cousin's house for dinner.

Thursday I pulled enough together to rearrange the furniture, the first step to making this tiny shoebox with a tinier kitchen into 'home' for an unspecified amount of time.  When Edwin was asleep, I cleaned up.  Brandon got home at eight thirty.

Today, almost all of the suitcases are packed up and the apartment mostly clean.  Mubarak stepped down this morning, and Kathleen told me should would dream about it during her nap.  Brandon still isn't home, and won't be for another half hour.  But the children are in bed, the house is quiet, and at least Brandon is coming home to an apartment in America and not Cairo.  At least for now.


Anne said...

You've probably received several offers of help, but let me put my hat in the ring. I'm also at Oakwood Falls Church (and in the Falls Church ward). I know that the apartments come "furnished", but if you need to borrow anything beyond what is already provided (ie a blender, hand mixer, a baking sheet larger than a piece of paper, spices, sugar cookies etc.), please don't hesitate to ask. Seriously.

Becky said...

So glad that you are getting settled in there. Oakwood Falls Church is a great idea because you'll have lots of support there. Still praying for you!

PaulaJean said...

Call me with your phone number. I couldn't understand your message, and have called several people that weren't you. I think you were still speaking Arabic.

Just US said...

Glad you are safe, back together as a family, and in Falls Church where the kids will make so many friends!