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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Out out, darn spot!

A few days ago, Kathleen dropped a basket on her toe and scraped some skin off.  The wound wasn't deep and so I gave her a kiss and saved the Band-Aids for a bloodier occasion.

Last night while I was cleaning the kitchen, I heard a wail from Kathleen.  She came limping down the hall to show me her bloody toe.  The girls had been spinning in our room (Sophia was the princess and Kathleen the prince), and the scab from a few days ago had popped open and was bleeding.  This time a kiss wasn't going to stop the blood, so I cleaned her toe while she wailed in pain and anxiety and fixed a Band-Aid on the bleeding wound.

Right after cleaning her up, Brandon came in from an errand, and we went back to our room to read scriptures and pray.  When I knelt down to pray, I noticed a spot of blood on the carpet.  And six inches away, another spot.  A foot away from the second was a third.  When I looked around, I discovered that we were surrounded by little red bloody spots all over our State-issued carpet.

As Brandon looked around to see what I had pointed out to him, I could see dollar signs flashing in his widening eyes while he tried to keep from shouting at Kathleen.

Only after I googled "get blood out of carpet" did I realize how suspect it looked, but luckily the blood came off easily enough with cold water, and the girls were happy to help wipe up the blood trail down our hall.  As I cleaned I was amazed at the places Kathleen had trod with her bleeding foot - my favorite was a spot almost behind the curtain.  Was she spinning for some time before the noticed the blood?  Or did she dance around our entire carpet in distress?

But, everything came out, at least until SPM comes around with the luminol.  And while cleaning, Brandon taught the girls a new phrase to use while cleaning up spots.  "Out out, darn spot!"


UnkaDave said...

Didn't your mother teach you anything? You're supposed to have your eyes closed when you pray. Busted!

Donna said...

Hydrogen peroxide. My nurse friend taught me this trick after a particularly traumatic accident. Pour it on the carpet and you can wipe the blood right off. It dissolves it somehow.

Laura said...

Funny thing, this happened last night at work. . . Luckily we have linoleum. I hope all the spots came out!

Sam said...

Just like the gospel, everything can be related to Macbeth.