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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wadi Digla

Some friends of ours recently left town for a month and (not having heard of my high school driving record) left us the keys of their car.  Unfortunately, since the evacuation, nobody is allowed to drive without another adult, and so we've only just used it for the first time this past Saturday. 

So, for our inaugural outing in Egyptian traffic, we went to Wadi Digla, a local 'nature' preserve.  After driving for awhile though the canyon, we parked the car, and Sophia and Kathleen immediately headed to the nearest rock pile and started climbing.

Sophia enjoyed climbing, but Kathleen decided that climbing, rocks, and skinned knees weren't her favorite and had to be coaxed down by Brandon after getting to the top.

Edwin and I stayed on the valley floor where he found trash to dig in the dirt with. 

We ended our trip into nature (we had to explain to the girls what 'nature' means) with a walk down the dry creek bed, and stopped by the commissary on the way home for Fudgsicles.


Jill said...

It's not the prettiest place in the world, but it's nice to have space to let the kids run around.

UnkaDave said...

Wow! That's a cool expedition! Thanks for the pictures, and for dragging your kids out to 'nature.'

PaulaJean said...

At least your kids have more pictorial evidence that they lived in Egypt. Nice pictures!