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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Did I tell you about how much I love parks?

Now that I'm going to have a car at my next post, I think that parks are the number one thing I love about being in the States.  And the parks around here are wonderful.  I love that not only is there a trail within walking distance of my house, but there's a park within walking distance on that trail.  The townhouse we are renting is nice, but it's a little... cramped... compared with our apartment in Cairo.  So I really enjoy having parks to frequent when there's no room to ride bikes in the house.

After having nothing to do every Saturday except go to Maadi House for two years, I'm really enjoying have the ability and weather to do any of number of things on a Saturday.  So this past Saturday, we had an outing to the park.

For Kathleen's birthday this year, we got her a bike.  And as Kathleen got a bike, we made sure to include Cannonball the red tricycle in our UAB shipment for Sophia to use.

So after spending Saturday morning shopping for supplies and making treats, we loaded up Cannonball the Elder (our Honda Pilot, which was my number one favorite thing about being in the US during evacuation) with Cannonball (the Younger), Lucy, and Edwin's stroller.

Our first activity was bike riding.  Kathleen has had a rocky start to riding a two-wheel bike, but on Saturday she thoroughly enjoyed wheeling along beside Four Mile Run while passing Sophia on Cannonball.  Edwin pointed out every squirrel he saw from the comfort of his stroller.

After bike riding, everyone parked their conveyances and played at the park.  Edwin especially enjoyed hanging out of high openings and giving Brandon heart attacks.

And then to finish out the afternoon, we had a picnic on the grass for dinner.  Everyone had an immensely enjoyable time, and not one single person asked to take our picture.


Nisa said...

What? Americans don't want pics of your kids? How strange! *grin*

I'm so glad you're enjoying the parks!

PaulaJean said...

Glad to hear that Kathleen likes her bike after all. Great pictures!!

UnkaDave said...

Tell Kathleen I'll race her anytime. If she gives me a head start.