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Friday, September 23, 2011

No Longer a Little Girl

Sophia has always been my cuddling girl.  Whenever she's sad, tired, lonely, or just bored, she will go get her blanket, climb into my lap, and cuddle up while sucking her thumb.  She started sucking her thumb at six weeks old, and has been an addict ever since.

Until this week.  We've successfully flown across a third of the world and driven through eleven states with the aid of Sophia's thumb and blanket to keep her quiet.  But now there is a break before the next adventure, and so it has become time to stop the thumb-sucking.

And so this week, with Sophia's full and eager participation, we made out a star chart, found the band-aids and a red marker, and filled her with promises of a mysterious and amazing surprise after a full chart of thirty stars.

The first morning she marched triumphantly down the stairs with a dry band-aid and un-smudged red circle.  "I didn't suck my thumb!" she proudly announced as she carefully placed her first star.  The next morning brought another star, and every morning since.

A few days ago, she came to me with her blanket for a cuddle.  She curled into my lap while wrapped in her yellow cocoon, and looked up at me, "I can still cuddle, right Mom?  I just can't suck my thumb.  Because I'm a big girl now, not a little girl."

I know all little girls grow up into big girls, but I didn't realize how much I'd miss those little girls sometimes.

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