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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Magic Fairies Return

When we left Cairo, we left a lot of things behind.  Mango season, good friends, a large apartment, Maadi House, and of course, Rere.  Brandon asked me how I was going to cope without Rere when we were gone.  I replied that I would muddle through somehow, and kept making lists and preparing for packing.  I knew that the day would come when I was without my own personal fairy, but I didn't want to think about it.

When we moved into our temporary home, I looked around and had virtuous thoughts about cleaning it myself.  I could get the girls involved and teach them how to clean.  We could put on music and make a fun day of it.  They would be able to gain valuable skills, and continue to learn how to be helpful. 

A week went by.  The house got unpacked.  I spent almost a thousand dollars in a week.  I thought about how much more I would spend on housecleaning.  I looked at the cleaning products under the sink and tried to remember how to use them.  I told myself that lots and lots of women clean their own houses, and I could do it too.

Then I listened to the voice of reality in my head.  I am almost eight months pregnant.  I am homeschooling Kathleen.  I have three children under the age of six at home all day every. single. day.  Our townhouse is small and we have almost no toys and a back deck that doesn't come close to passing as a 'yard.'  

But really, I knew that all of those reasons were trying to make me feel better about the one reason that would win in the end: I have grown lazy over the last two years.  And really, I don't actually care.

So today, I took the children bike riding.  Before we left, I placed a check on the table and my key under the doormat (and no, I'm not telling you my address).  When we came back after riding bikes and playing in the park, the check was gone and the house was clean.  And it was worth every single penny.


kelley said...

Oh fun trick! I want to try this!

Bridget said...

So great. It is such an awesome feeling, isn't it? I didn't even complain when our houseboy's hourly rate went up to $5.40/hr (from $4/hr) last week. Still worth it.

Jill said...

Seriously, before housekeepers I was so stressed all the time and my house was a crazy mess. I don't know how my friends do it all in the states. I went from a part time housekeeper in Cairo to a full time, live in housekeeper here. (BTW the rate is about 1/4 the cost) There is no turning back.

UnkaDave said...

Don't feel too badly; your mother pulled the same stunt when she was terminally pregnoid with Mike. I guess housecleaners have to make a living, too.
However, I refuse to be referred as a Magic Fairy. It's Domiciliary Engineer, thank you.

PaulaJean said...

There is a time in your life for magic fairies. Enjoy it. My one regret about our packing up and moving while mopping the kitchen floor at 11:30 PM the night before we left was that we didn't have a day between us leaving, and the family moving in to have someone come clean.